Monday, 21 June 2010

... To Make Our Dreams Come True

Happy Solstice everyone. Lets have a long, hot, happy and joy filled summer, shall we?

The great power that opperates the balance scales has been very kind to me today. I received a phone call this morning offering me a place on a project I really wanted to be involved with.
Its called Cerbyd, which is Welsh for bus.
The plan is this... ten artists on a bus, zig zagging around Wales . We will be stopping at a different location every day, including amoungst others, meeting steam railway enthusiasts, Appalation dancers, a group of George Formby enthusiasts, the National Botanical Gardens of Wales, the National Eisteddfod and , best of all ,The Institue of Physics, Wales.
Oh my word, real scientists. YYYYYIIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEEE. Real, live, in the flesh scientists. Heheheheheheheheh!!!!
The idea is to inspire new projects and possible collaborations between artists from different parts of Wales, and to introduce artists to other strange obsessive groups of people. Well, the second bit may not be high on the list, but its an interesting aspect of the project.
I spent many years living in trucks and buses, travelling around England and Europe. Its a nice moment of `past-meeting-the-future-glitch-in-linear-time` for me.
Just like Cliff Richard and Una Stubbs. Click here for a sing song.