Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ya doodle ay aaaayyyeee...

Found a link to a free down load for Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters Yodelin Ghost
Get ready for a Jazzy Hallow`een! :D

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Deep Simplicity.

There is something pensive about this picture. High in the sky buffeted by the breeze , but trapped with string invisible to the eye. Triumphant to be up there, but trapped even so. They appear to be discussing the problem with each other.
So, consider the difference between invisible, illusion and dissapearence. Martin Creed, artist and creator of the `Lights going on and off` winner of the Turner prize in 2001 (again thinking how to express nothing), said
`Without the viewer there is nothing`.
I think Schrodinger and his cat would like to talk to you about this. For bad physics Schrodinger jokes.
I am listening to the radio whilst writing this , and I wish there was a clip of what I have just heard, on `you tube` to paste here.
It was Bing Crosby and the Andrews sisters singing...
(Yodel), Ya doodle I aaaayyyyy, ya doodle I aaayyyyy.
Theres a yodel in the air, but there ain`t nobody there...
It must be a ghost, a yodelin` ghost.
(You can apparently down load an MP3, wish I knew how.)
Now thats invisible.
One last thing, I heard the best quote from Alan de Bouton,
`The thing we waste most of is out lives`.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Drawn in, Metered Out.

What a wonderful day.
Today was the annual Big Draw event at the Oriel Myrddin gallery in Carmarthen, where I sometimes work. The education officer at the gallery spent ages cutting and prepareing card and paper in various sizes, for a book making workshop. It was really well attended. Kids, adults and even teenagers (!) made sketch books in all sizes with such quirkey and original designs.
I was helping out, but ofcourse, was instantly sucked into a vortex of cutting and glueing. Drawing is a great leveller, and totally consuming. Each person in a creative bubble. Every one that came to the event enjoyed every minute. Thank you all.
Although I have been crocheting since I was nine, I started to crochet as part of my degree, to give a third dimension to diagrams and line drawings . I needed something that would grow in a similar way to a drawing, but with form and substance. Taking the line from the page and substituting the pencil for a hook , I could begin to explore interactive aspects of mark making, and give physical depth to repitition and pattern.
Through out world history , there are myths and legends that use line as a metaphor for lifes duration. Astral travellers speak of a silver thread and a golden bowl. Gwenivere woven magic into the scabbard of Arthurs sword `Excalibur` as protection, and Greek mythology has heroines like Penelope and Arachne, who wove the threads of time into fabrics that dictated their destinies. My favorite are the three fates, Clothio who spins the line , Lachesis who measures, and Atropos who finally cuts the length.
Their line in our hands.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Multiple Connections in Spacetime

Artists in a Wormhole

Another artists impression of a wormhole

`Science is seeing what everyone has seen, but no one has thought`.
Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian bio-chemist who isolated vitamin c. So, I think is art.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Tactile Wormhole Bosch.

More images of the `Wormhole` at Tactilebosch here. The piece was originally devised as part of the `Loopholes` exhibition Jake and I did earlier on this year. We were given an alcove space to use at the `Auxesis` show at Tactilebosch, a gallery in Llandaff, Cardiff . More info about the gallery and the show here
The gallery is run on what appears to be a friendly and chaotic, ad hoc basis. But don`t be fooled, the show was well organised.
The artists are given complete control of installing their own work, so we spent some time blacking out the space that was once part of a huge victorian industrial laundry, and turning it into a dark shrine for the projection. I`m glad Jake is better at ladders than me. We were delighted with the outcome of the installation, I overheard one of the crowd mutter,`Awesome...` Whoever you were thankyou.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Meet Me on the Anti-Horizon

Tactile White Hole


Exit from the White Hole

`Auxesis` is the name of three shows being held at `Tactilebosch`, Landaff, Cardiff. We were setting up the `Wormhole` installation to be part of the opening show on Saturday 10th October. Typically I forgot the relevent DVD , but found beautiful and strong results by experimenting with another DVD left in the player. That sent me off into a whirl of white hole research.
Research informs me that there is an hypothetical entity that has a valid solution within the theory of general relativity, named by the late great physicist John Wheeler a`Wormhole`. Otherwise known as the Einstein -Rosen bridge. Fundamental to intra-universal travel this topological feature theoreticly connects a `black hole` from the relevent moment in space time to a feature known as a `white hole` in another area of space time in the same universe. Because humans live with the effects of causality and linear time, and space time does not, wormholes hypotheticly exist contrary to the second law of thermodynamics. On discovering the formation of a Wormhole,a space traveller would be hindered by the instantaneous dissapation of the passage , leaving him or her confronted with the singularity at the centre of the black hole that he or she had entered , and ofcourse no way out.
I love Cosmology.

Multiscale Celestial Patterning

It is reported in certain communities that `Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning.` For us early bird arty types, red sky in the morning is just beautiful. A dramatic sky is dynamic and powerful.
Doesn`t matter what language or creed or race, colour of the day today is SUNRISE. Goooooood morning.
PS. That`s every morning.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Cultivated Meditation

Portrate Panorama.
Over 300 `Pods`

I love the Panarama facilcity on my camera. It gives not just an extended width or height , but that elegant curve to the images. The lower picture is of `Event Horizon`, an installation at the Rhondda Heritage park, up in the valleys of mid Wales. It`s a beautiful light gallery at the top of the visitors centre.
This is my first exhibition with the group `Fibre Art Wales`. Its good to be part of a group, isolation doesn`t occur naturally, everything is part of something. Humans are inclined to be a social and gregarious group. Although, there are the loan wolves to every pack , we generally need company. I find inspiration comes particularly from interaction. I am very rarely struck by `idea lightening` in solitude. The broader the parameters of my research, the more confident I become in the theories of interconnection that are found in Cosmology and Astrophysics, and taught by the Dalai Lama.

I am fortunate to have a strange and wonderfull and eclectic bunch of friends, all with their own individual take on things.They are all constant inspiration to me. The top panorama picture is Jake in his studio.

`There is a growing interest amoung the scientific community in Buddhist philosophical thought. I am optomistic that over the next few decades there will be a great change in our world view both from the material and spiritual perspectives`.
Dalai Lama