Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Deep Simplicity.

There is something pensive about this picture. High in the sky buffeted by the breeze , but trapped with string invisible to the eye. Triumphant to be up there, but trapped even so. They appear to be discussing the problem with each other.
So, consider the difference between invisible, illusion and dissapearence. Martin Creed, artist and creator of the `Lights going on and off` winner of the Turner prize in 2001 (again thinking how to express nothing), said
`Without the viewer there is nothing`.
I think Schrodinger and his cat would like to talk to you about this. For bad physics Schrodinger jokes.
I am listening to the radio whilst writing this , and I wish there was a clip of what I have just heard, on `you tube` to paste here.
It was Bing Crosby and the Andrews sisters singing...
(Yodel), Ya doodle I aaaayyyyy, ya doodle I aaayyyyy.
Theres a yodel in the air, but there ain`t nobody there...
It must be a ghost, a yodelin` ghost.
(You can apparently down load an MP3, wish I knew how.)
Now thats invisible.
One last thing, I heard the best quote from Alan de Bouton,
`The thing we waste most of is out lives`.

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