Friday, 9 October 2009

Meet Me on the Anti-Horizon

Tactile White Hole


Exit from the White Hole

`Auxesis` is the name of three shows being held at `Tactilebosch`, Landaff, Cardiff. We were setting up the `Wormhole` installation to be part of the opening show on Saturday 10th October. Typically I forgot the relevent DVD , but found beautiful and strong results by experimenting with another DVD left in the player. That sent me off into a whirl of white hole research.
Research informs me that there is an hypothetical entity that has a valid solution within the theory of general relativity, named by the late great physicist John Wheeler a`Wormhole`. Otherwise known as the Einstein -Rosen bridge. Fundamental to intra-universal travel this topological feature theoreticly connects a `black hole` from the relevent moment in space time to a feature known as a `white hole` in another area of space time in the same universe. Because humans live with the effects of causality and linear time, and space time does not, wormholes hypotheticly exist contrary to the second law of thermodynamics. On discovering the formation of a Wormhole,a space traveller would be hindered by the instantaneous dissapation of the passage , leaving him or her confronted with the singularity at the centre of the black hole that he or she had entered , and ofcourse no way out.
I love Cosmology.

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