Monday, 27 July 2009

Intellegent Design

His Effervesence

New Blog.
This wasn`t the most sucessfull experiment . After putting `The Tiny Lord `, into a fish tank and waiting for the revelation in size to occur, He bubbled , He lay for three days, and then He grew a little bit. Not as dramatic as I had planned. No dramatic asscention from the watery cave. In the shop they had grow your own angels. I could have grown my own host at home.
I`m going to start again - apparently Jesus will shrink back to his tiny state if left to dry out, and I`ll use a tripod and think about this a bit.
I`m not a Christian, but I have faith. I think God , for want of a better word, is all inclusive and more than any of us humans can conceive. Infinte.

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