Thursday, 30 July 2009

Anthems of the Barely Visible

Square Cloud Nanowire and Meta Material

The latest web like dream constuction, in another binary language of stitch -no stitch. Crocheted in a nylon thread so thin my clicking thumbs can hardly grasp its existance. The photos here and on flickr and the natural sunlight (yes, I found some),make the work seem almost Invisible.
To make a cloak of invisibility, research tells me , I need either; A ring of blue light, thrown mentally around myself at an appropriately desperate moment or, a piece of Agate empowered with the nessesary `ooomph` or, collected at considerable risk and under specific conditions the seeds of male fern or bracken, or secreting a bats eye about ones person ( forgotten in the jeans pocket and put through a hot wash no doubt!). Failing that , try digging up a dead man and swap shirts.
No mention of crochet.
Equally as lightly for the ordinary artist about Carmarthen.To make an object litterally vanish before a persons eyes, a cloak would have to simultaneously interact with all of the wave lengths or colours that make up light.
Scientists have been working on a meta material of tiny, tiny ,tiny wires which neither reflect light or absorb too much of it. By bending the normally straight photon path ,light detours around the object made of this new susbstance, sort of leaving it out of the picture. Sounds like a cloaking device to me,Captain.
They have a silicon invention which is even more effective. I must investigate further. It takes a while to read and digest these things. So, the cloak of invisibility isn`t pure fiction. Well, they report that the inventions only work on a minute scale, things too small for our gargantuan eyes to see. Or not as the case may be. If we cant see them anyhow, why do they have to be invisible? Ah, Technology.


  1. oh i see now... you just started the blog.

    by the way, do you know of Ruth Asawa? she is a hero of mine.

  2. ps- for others here- you must click on the photo to see this in it's full glory.

    and it is just so lovely and gossomer......