Monday, 3 August 2009

Universal Nothingness

Victorian Quilt

Quilt Bones (crochet, so far 66 cm squareish).
Traditional Welsh Quilt
I was really pleased to be at the opening of the Jen Jones Quilt Centre , in Lampeter, deepest darkest West Wales.
Not just because I love quilts, and this is only part of her magnificent collection, but because Lampeter is a quiet town, despite the university, its a bit `out of the way`, and the quilt centre is the perfect craft and culture attraction. For a few more photos of quilts,
The patterns that form the quilts are sewn in tiny running stitches, drawing contours that defined a womens status, and kept the family warm. I am constanly reminded of the Germain Greer quote that called womens tradtional crafts `Heroic pointlessness`. Food for thought.
Blaise Pascal...
`The eternel silence of those infinite spaces fills me with dread.`
Also thinking, of course, about the gaps between the stitches, the no- stitch. The other . What Newtoinian physics in science, called the Ether, the measurement of time and space made on an invisible graph of only three dimensions. `We` now know the gaps between sub atomic particles to be filled with electro- magentic waves and gravity at the least. The concept of vacuum defunct, and upodated with space time incessentness, if there is such a word. I wonder if Pascal would have found these new scientific theories some kind of mental comforter, a quilt for his dread.
Space is filled with connectivity. The vast majority of which is invisible . Some of which is undetectable. Anti-Quilt , crochet loops of an invisible conducter.

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