Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This is a picture taken by the NASA Spitzer telescope. It is 50 million light years away.

Thats 50,000,000 x 5,878,630,000,000 international miles. 289,381,500,000,000 miles.

Although I worked this out with info from Wikki and the calculator on my phone , so it`s accuracy is dubious.

In the centre the white dot is a monstrously huge Black Hole. It has a mass of about 10 million of our suns. The Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy has only a few million solar masses, puney by comparison. The fuzzy blue dot on the left is a companion galaxy nestled in the arms of its giant galactic mate.

Information like this makes my head spark up with positon charged butterflies. It`s beyond beautiful to me. Totally inspirational, and wonderous to see what our universe is made from.

If you want to see The Black Hole of Carmarthen`, a piece crocheted in 2006 go to there are photos and a link to a short documentary film about the piece. It`s also in the sister blog

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