Friday, 28 August 2009

What Sort of Unobserveabillity?




Subtle differences are caught in these stills , taken from a new short animation. I wanted its layers of almost invisible crochet to look like a globe, the stills are little lunar. Mostly though, it reminded me of the smallest drop of a sample under a microscope, in a Petri dish or on a slide. Clean ,crystaline and pure. Is it a cure? Is it a clone... No its CROCHET! The answer to everything.
I will make a link to the film as soon as its down loaded, it will take a week with my slow connection! Thanks once again to Jake Whittaker, editorial white giant, ( as usual.
Are the formations in these aqua circles, a clue to the nature of the mythical ring of blue light ,thought in certain parts, to summon an instant cloaking device in cases of extreme need. Could that legendary covering of blue magic, actually be made of crochet as well ?

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