Monday, 10 August 2009

Cosmic String or String Theory

Swallow on the line, picture by Jacob Whittaker

`It was a lovley day: shires-long of pearled cloud undercloud, with a grey stroke underneath marking each row.`
Gerard Manley Hopkins 23rd July 1874

Beautiful, almost invisible and deadly.

Cosmic string is not String theory. Cosmic string, I read is, a one dimensional (!!!), topological
defect, that appears in various fields of space time. A line 1.6 km long is heavier than the earth. Weighty thread. Next, I need to find some scales to work out the relative weight (in planets) of a crochet hook needed to cope with this cosmic string. I suppose that the hook will have to be one dimensional as well. What IS one dimensional ? I find that even harder to get my head around than multi-dimensional. Maybe, that should read, What is ONE dimensional? Or maybe just WHAT?
In case any one is wondering, Jesus has returned to his former minute size. Watch this blog for experiment two.

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