Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Screaming Dark Matter

Make the stairs go away... or does the crochet dissappear?

Lost in the sky, but getting bigger.
From `Blink`by Rebecca E. Marshall, part of the `Ways to Dissappear` exhibition.
Suddenly I realised his pattern held a message,
something wordless clicked into place, an understanding.
When I closed my eyes I could see the same pattern
in the blackness.
Open close, open close.
Blinking I dissappeared.
Dark matter . Matter in our universe is out weighed by a factor of 6 to 7 by invisible cold dark matter. So says Marcus Chown, ( He and Phillip Ball are two of my favorite popular science writers.) in the New Scientist this week. Issue number 2722, page 38.
`The idea of working with the unobservable is not foreign to modern science.`- Melivin Bragg, In Our Time.
Cold dark matter doesn`t react with light, so we can`t see it. That doesn`t mean its not there... or is it?
Either Dark Matter, or Newtons calculations about gravity were incorrect. Lawks! That`ll put the cat amoungst the pidgeons.

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