Tuesday, 8 September 2009

`On Floating Bodies`.



When not at home, the things that remain constant, even at a distance, are essential
to maintaining an emotional equalibrium . Earths moon is a cliche sited in so many instances, and so many cultures, it has universal meaning. This full moon was no exeption. The moon was, on this night a shining thing of polished beauty. Perfect in design , shrouded with mathematical coincidences, ( thinking about how the moon and sun are the same size during solar eclipses), the cleanest and most accessible of all our assumed deities. Paramour to the silent masses ,calender for all time. I suppose the moon allows us to sense your place in space time without the insecurities enforced on us by linear time.
Taking pictures of the moon bemuses me. I spent more time clicking away, with various results, than I did taking time to look. Quality time to be still is a rare thing. Taking pictures of that kind of moment is quite a futile thing really, in some respects.

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