Monday, 21 September 2009

Further Evidence of Event Horizons

Its been a long gap in blog entries. Although the crochet masses have been multiplying, I have been a bit short on inspiration.
I have been accepted as a fellow associate of a group of artists called Fibre Art Wales`. I am honored to be member number thirteen, which is a fine number.
`Journeys`, opens at the Rhonda Heritage park on Saturday 26th September and will show work from the members of Fibre Art Wales including my piece `Event Horizon`. I am chuffed to bits! This is how I left the installation today, but I need to edit the DVD and tape down the black wires that are visible.
The piece investigates the identity of the singular, when challenged with infinite repitition and multiplication.


  1. congratulations thirteen!
    this piece is right up my alley.
    i'm going to assume "chuffed to bits" means excited?

  2. Thanks Shiborigirl, I think I have only just seen this comment, sorry. Yeh `Chuffed to bits` is a bit of London Slang. Lived in Wales for 17 years but still sound South London. Proud and flattered.