Wednesday, 23 September 2009

`Dangerous Saracen Magic...`

...a quote from William of Malmesbury, an ancient English historian and monk, refering to the new and alien Eastern counting system that introduced the Zero. In early Christian philosophical values, if God was the infinite, the everything; then nothing, insinuating the absence of God must be the Devil. The introduction of this foreign ,sinister and dangerous abscence, was indeed the work of Satan himself.

No Chair ?


On the Increase.
Size update 133 cms

Well, suspend your disbelief and it sort of works. Covers in a crochet mist, more than excludeing from the picture. Peculiar how uninteresting these images are. Sort of nowhere in their developement of invisibility.
`Nothing will become of nothing.` As King Lear said. Well, Ihope so...
Lastly, `The less anything is the less we know it: how invisible, unintelligible a thing is nothing.`
Thank you John Donne.

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