Monday, 22 February 2010

Mechanistic Philosophy

Search for the windmills in the
Carmarthenshire quilt.

Anthony Gormley, Angle (!) of the North.
Seized windmill with no physical power.

Instant disobedience.

I make the journey from Carmarthen to Cardigan most weeks and have become accustommed to the visuals. It is a vicious, undulating menace of a back road , that has claimed one car from me already, so I try and pay attention to the technical matters in hand. Recently, the forestry commission have done a bit of subtle land scapeing (NOT!) and left a view , that was hidden before. The no entry bilingual sign rattled the purile anarchist tendancies in me, and I went to investigate. I have no recollection of the view before, or when the tree harvest took place, but now it is, to quote Neil Armstrong...`beautiful desolation.`
You can now see the towering wind turbines way across the valley. It wasn`t until I had taken the photo and arrived home I saw how small they were in the picture.
A trick of renaissance perspective indeed. In real time they are towering and majestic, and make a most awesome whooshing. Elemental Angels on a hill top. One of the hiddeous bends on the journey, passes under the swooping shadow of an `..umbrageous limb...` (Guy Wetmore Carryl.)
A symbol of passage and protection.
Ofcourse, I write this as a complete town dweller that doesn`t live near them. Others have different views.

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