Sunday, 7 February 2010

Parahelic Car Arc

The Nuremberg happening of 1561, depicted by Hans Glaser in a woodcut from 1566.

...and that rare phenomenon

The iridule- when beautiful and strange,

In a bright sky above a mountain range

one opal cloudlet in an oval form

reflects the rainbow of a thunderstorm...

Vladimir Nabakov, Pale Fire.

I did not take this photo but I wish I had. Driving back through south west Wales, a bit the worst for wear on Saturday morning, Jake pointed out something in the sky I have never seen before. A sundog. This photograph is as near to its appearance as I could find. These rare and beautiful light phenomenons are goodly and fine omens and considered very lucky. Thank you for that!

The light refracted from the sun is projected in an arc onto near by low lying cirrus type clouds.I only caught a few glimpses because I was driving at the time, but this is what it looked like. The arc of a parahelion (scienctific name), always 22 degrees from the horizon can be seen all year round, but shines from a low sun.

I am inspired.

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  1. This year I have become more aware of the sun and it's influence on the earth...especially as it relates to weather. I have enjoyed visiting on a regular basis to learn more. There are some great amateur pictures of different phenomena

    I love the woodcut and the poem. I love learning new things. Thanks for sharing this.