Sunday, 31 January 2010

Critical Crocheted Chandrasekhar Limits

Two crochet adepts

Mystery picture
Loop- loop-loop, 1-2-3-, loop-loop-loop, 1-2-3-, loop-loop-loop, 1-2-3-, loop-loop-loop, 1-2-3-
The crochet goes on and on and on. I have made these two figures for a call for work from Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. An artist called Helen Frik is making an installation from toys, called `Difficult` and has called for assistance from the public. Glad to be of service. It is satisfying to be able to finish somthing for a specific purpose.
As`The Invisible Blanket`increases, I find I am consuming enough calorific mass to reach the required size of eight plus solar masses, and am indeed fast approaching my own version of the Chandrasekhar limit.
At a point in its long and bright life a small star will burn to a white dwarf, then a red dwarf and then old and tierd, depleated of fuel, fade gently away. It is not this simple , but I understand this much.
A bigger star, thats the required eight solar masses plus, will reach a point in the fusion of heavier elements at its core, where the density of the cores mass reaches the Chandrasekhar Limit. The gargantuan heavy star, reacts with the force of gravity around it, and becomes a huge supernova explosion. The collapsed and condensed remains of the star will either spend the rest of its life as an incredibly tiny and dense neutron star, or if the collapsing star matter is dense enough to defy the pull of gravity, continue to collapse inwards and become a singularity black hole. My favorite. Super massive blackness here I come. Ah, but it is still January, soon be spring.


  1. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。 ..................................................

  2. Thank you for our comment. Any chance of a translation.

  3. The river is always the same but every moment and both are new.

  4. I think you have finally explained a supernova so that I could understand it without reading a book. I could completely understand your explanation and picture it all in my mind. A aha moment for me. Thank you.