Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gold Star Award

Dre Wapenaar dwellings

Thank you to the beautiful , intelligent and talented Quilt Architect for a Gold Star Blog Award. I shall in turn be passing it on. What a fabulous gift.

Thank you also for an amazing link.

The link takes you to the web site of Dre Wapenaar, a dutch designer of three dimensional sculpture to use as dwellings.
Developeing with a step to the left from Mario Merz and the fine art igloo , Dre Waapenaar has moved from mathematical and geometric sculpture, to investigate the practicle functionality of alternative `tent` spaces. These new works consider the relationships of the people that will use the spaces with the environment, and with each other.
I love the drop shaped tree tents. Hmmm. A little planning needed, and a larger crochet hook.

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  1. These are amazing! The website link is very much worth a visit too - amazing habitations.