Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Jim Ospensen.

From a recent drawing

Photo of a real snow flake by Karla Jean Booth. How innocent and lovely is this divine little thing?

Branches in a blizzard

More photos on flickr
There is no denying it has been snowing in south west Wales.
I am not over excited by the prospect of frozen toes and falling over on the inevitable slush and ice, produced as a by product in a small town like Carmarthen. I do not like the cold.
Yesterday , despite intermittent blizzard conditions my dear friends Jake and Sam helped me to move to a delightful, modern and warm flat . It is only upstairs from where I was, but the stairs are outside and metal. We did it . Thanks soooo much ! Must say that Kathryn helped the day before in the cold and dark. Thank you to you to! I am inspired by my new abode.
Snow flakes are a fascinating organic example of Koch`s triangle. , explaining the infinte nature of the perimeter of any object through the behaviour of fractal. Just like the `How long is a piece of string?` question.
Actually, the thought of a snowflake with a never ending edge, which by definition would have an infinitely huge interior, is my idea of a icy nightmare. Brrrrrr.


  1. I have also been facinated by the idea of fractals and society. If society changed in a major way...say the way the get infromation from the way they used to 100 years ago...and this changed the way they exchanged information...and the way the were transported compared to a 100 years ago. How does this fractal system of society weave out into the future? These were just two differences but if you add more differences in how people relate to each other compared to 100 years ago. Especially how families used to live close to each other...all this has a huge historical significance and this all has to do with fractals...I think. Studying the patterns and looking for more patterns within those patterns.

    I love your snowflake and how fragile everything is and how inter connected we all are. It is sacred.

    Glad you had help moving. I have moved a lot and it is a herculean task. So glad you had friends. And I am glad no one got hurt because of the weather.

  2. There are so many exciting and interesting points in your comment. Thank you. I am going to have a quiet think about fractals , communication and the dissipation of all things into smaller. I have a personal theory about the evolution of communication and telepathy. Looking at how quickly we have gone from a society with no telephone, to the amazing communication equipment used by Stephen Hawking. He also has some interesting theories about the developement of human learning potential. I think that the next few years will prove interesting, perhaps to see the developement of communication technology the needs smaller and smaller devices, untill perhaps hardware at all.