Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Artist Rime Time.

View the films here
On the subject of things frozen, some times collaborator and fellow artist Jacob Whittaker, made two frozen short films last year. Both organic and etherial , they create perfect visual methaphors for the micro and macro entity of our universe. Illustrating how things most minute appear to exist in replica thousands or millions of times larger. Nebulous, eerie and expansive. I would love to see them on huge screens , installed somewhere with a vast interior.
I saw a film installation in a magazine, with 2 large screens of equal surface area but one was oblong and one square. The room was an old fashioned ballroom with cornice and coving. Elegant and ideal. Maybe the room tempreture should be subtley low as well.
The two `Rime no Reason` films are part of a collection of works that examine the hidden intrinsic beauty of immediate surroundings. With individual sound tracks, they stand in a genre that spans between art film and music video, with hints of intense documentry. This is where, in my opinion Jakes worked has unique strength.The link will take you to flickr, where in turn there will be a link to the films and others like it on you tube.


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  3. Very interesting. I like the way you describe it..."organic and ethereal , they create perfect visual metaphors for the micro and macro entity of our universe"

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  4. Yes, I understand the subject of "frozen."
    Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing and for the link. I will check it out.

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