Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wheres My Crochet Gone?

Alberich puts on the Tarnhelm (hat of invisibility) ,and dissappears.
Illustration by Arthur Rackham.

The Shadow of an Invisible Blanket

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More invisible research shows that most ancient culltures had a legendary garment or headwear that renders the user invisible. Greek mythology tells of a cap used by Hades, and a version of a tale where Persius is given a similar cap by Athene.
What are the origins of mysterious sartorial invisibility? Where did this legend begin? I will investigate austrolasian, asian and african stories, older cultures may hold a clue.
The Welsh Mabinogion tells of Caswallanwn. He donned a cloak of invisibility and murdered Caradog ap Bran, one of the seven chieftans left to look after `Blighty` whilst the king was off in Ireland. I have been reading the Lady Charlotte Guest translation, but was ammused by William Owen Pughe (1795), who reffers to the Mabinogion as ` juvenille ammusements, being Welsh romances.`
The development of a modern equivalent is as thrilling as it is a little worrying. (We don`t all abide by `Star Fleet regulations)`. It adds a prophetic touch to the tales of old though.
R.I.P. Jean Simmonds. (Sarah Browne in Guys and Dolls).

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