Sunday, 3 January 2010

Lunar, Luna, Loon.

Small World on the streets

Toasting a special event.

Click here to listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing Blue Moon.

The Blue Moon on new years eve couldn`t have been a more welcome and auspicious occaision . It can only mean good and possitive things. A bigger, brighter, fuller and more eventful 2010.

We toasted the moon and the new year with an appropriately named cocktail.

The night after, I was out as Jakes assistant , filming the splendid Small World Theatre as they had a public lantern parade through the town of Cardigan , West Wales. We headed down to the river, and then floated the pretty paper lights off downstream. Despite the snow, people turned out, sung and had a lovely time. There will probably be a film to see on You tube, so keep your eyes open.
The people that run small world Bill and Ann are fantastic people. They have been all over the world communicating and sharing with their tallents. They bring together people in the area, and put on the most entertaining theatrical events. Good luck to them for the new year.

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