Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chaos and Cake , Theory #1. Research Beginning.



`I say unto you a man must have chaos yet within him to be able to give birth to a dancing star: I say unto you ye have chaos yet within you.
Chaos umpire sits,
And by decision more embroils the fray
By which he reigns: next him high arbiter
Chance governs all.
Here in the UK the Sky's are swimming pool clear and cerulean blue. Empty of the invasive but incredible invention of the airplane, due to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Inverse `Butterfly Effect` -ed into good weather! Amazing. No contrails and no new clouds, the skies are silent. (Actually, for the first time in days we have clouds today.)
No imports or exports either. Makes you think about how as a nation we cannot feed ourselves. We need the world. The British public nearly starved to death during the second world war. I like the idea of unity, positive and optimistic .
On the subject of chaotic probability, related to the weather only by locality and theories of interconnection (but that's good enough), I was on my way home, under those blue skies, from an afternoon shift with `Postman Pat`, at the Lyric Theatre, when I found a party.
It was International Record Store Day, and our most exquisite independent local hang out was having a bit of a celebration. Fantastic, music, dancing and cake! All the best.
I asked the fascinating search engine Wolfram/ Alpha` What is the probability of finding a party on the way home from work?` The computer said `Wolfram/Alpha isn`t sure how to compute an answer from your input`. Then gave me option to follow leads to probability or movies- `The way Home`. Chaos in action.
I am still crocheting the Invisible Blanket.


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