Sunday, 25 April 2010

Great Hermetic Jelly Fish!

The `grow your own brain` photos I have uploaded on flikr reminded me of an article in the New Scientist magazine, from 2008. The amazing anatomically correct brain was crochet by Karen Norberg in 2006. Truly a master piece and a work of genius.

The picture of a jelly fish, a box jelly fish, is from 2008 as well. Dozens were washed up on the beach at Llanstefan . It looked like a tragic and massive failed invasion .For jelly fish films click
I haven`t look at them for years, they are quite sad.
The obvious visual similarities between the jelly fish and the brain are interesting. I constantly record instances of repetition and interconnection, which I find on a daily basis . There are infinite similarities found in the micro and macro circumstances of our universe. I am often reminded of the First line on the `Emerald Tablet` , a coded inscription that is used in Hermeticisim.

`As above below`...

The Universe is the same as God, God the same as man, man the same as the cell , the cell the same as the atom.

I have used the quote many times before , and now I know where it originates.