Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Druid`s Cord, Saint Asaph`s Loop

A measurement of spacetime

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In its fullest form,the installation is a mixed media installation with performance.

I was very pleased to be selected for the Bath Arts Fringe exhibition. It will be my first show out side of Wales. Initially, I was to have a large dark space for one of my installations that have a DVD projection. Sadly, this was not to be, and after weeks of curatorial indecision and suspense - through no fault of the lovely curator Fiona Cassidy, I was allocated a space in a small room with six other artists. Hence the mightily pared down version of Druid`s Cord.

It works well in its condensed form. The spiritual and physical relationship between the looped DVD , and the eleven feet of crocheted fishing line is still evident. Although it has lost the feeling of envelopement and entity.

There is a moment in the DVD that I find particularly interesting. The screen is empty of the mechanical ,vertiginous image. The lens of the camera reacts with the bright sun on the very clear blue sky, and causes a lens flare that is almost off the top of the screen. That moment, to me , suggests a brief spiritual epiphany that is just within the reach of human endeavour. A tiny glimpse of the pure and ecstatic nature of enlightenment.
Sometimes when I am crocheting and thinking , I experience that feeling... An excitment that cannot be explained or planned. The briefest flicker, a gargantuan vision in a tiny moment. Then it dissappears. I consider myself at these times, very blessed.
On the DVD it lasts only a moment, and then the repetition begins to loop again.

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