Monday, 24 May 2010

Isotropic Lou-niverse

Recovering slowly from from my sojourn into a personal deep, dark ,black hole, my darling friend Helen suggested a bit of occupational therapy to cheer me up. We spent two blissful days in the sunshine making felt. The un-spun wool, came from the flock of organic no kill sheep that she and her partner keep. (They don't kill the sheep, that is, not the sheep with murderous tendencies, suppressed from killing other things).
Looking most satisfied at the finished pieces, I noticed that the felt had a myriad tiny pieces of countryside shrunken into the fibres. This is unavoidable when working in a field, with a strange assortment of cobbled together hippy equipment. The pieces couldn't be seen at a distance, but were evenly spread and uniform on close inspection. I couldn`t have arranged them as delicately myself.
I looked up at the beautifully tended market garden surrounding us and it reminded me of a big luscious blanket of green. Smooth from a distance, but full of furrows , plants, stones and insects. All in turn made of further smaller and smaller matter.
The shape of the universe itself is homogenous like this. Referred to as the Isotropic nature of our universe. In the night sky, the stars cluster. Further out into space, the spiral arms of our galaxy have denser` foamy clusters`, and areas that appear empty. But over all, matter is evenly distributed through out the universe. Space is smooth, the inseparable concept of space time perfect. No matter where you stand, or which way you look .
I have been reading about Cosmic texture and cosmic string. The latter of these is a one dimensional topological defecr, a crack or crease, in the fabric of space time . How beautiful is that ?

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