Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Culinary Crochet across the Cosmos

Mandarine Fancy. Really gacky.

I have seen a lot of crocheted cakes in pictures, and in my sister in laws beautiful kitchen. But, rarely so tasteless (!) and gaudy as these offerings. It was an unusual pleasure to finish something so quickley. The two pieces of science crochet I am working on now are at a very uninteresting stage of being medium large, extremely repetitive and not inspiring. So these lovelies are light crochet relief .
I have found bloging the non event of things growing slowly quite difficult. Maybe its time for some strange interim pictures for the records. I may have to get help.
I am a cake fan. That is true. I love cake. But, there are on average 120 calories in a slice of cake, and that is the same as a glass of wine. One whole cake, say Victoria sponge with jam filling, or a Battenburg slab, is the equivalent calories to one bottle of wine! I say with equal measures of pride and shame I have consumed them both, and on the rarest of occasions together.
One last John Cale quote because I have finished the book now. This is from right near the end,
`Loops are what people are interested in now a days...but what I like about looping is not what everybody else likes...`
I think I know what you mean, John.

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  1. G'day Louise, I always find a diversion between other projects keeps me fresh or maybe it makes me feel more in control of what 'I want to do'... I make baby beanies for premmies as my diversion... OOroo... B