Friday, 6 November 2009

Cosmos and Tapestry

John Cale was chosen to represent Wales at the Venice Biannale this year.
These photos were snapped at a forum and discussion with the artist at the Ammanford Miners Theatre, before the openning of the biannale, and half way through the creation of his piece.
He is a charismatic man.
Post art world fuss , I am reading `What`s Welsh for Zen`, his autobiography. It is a compelling read, with untold big names and excessive rock and roll life style. He has a stroke of genius about him, with more than a dash of the self obsessed eye of a whirlwind.
The artwork by Dave Mckean, is fantasticly gothic and brooding, very suitable. I am a great admirer of his work in Gaimans ` Sandman` graphic novels.
One quote that struck me, is when talking post collaboration with Brian Eno, and trying to work with Lou Reed again,
`Collaboration is like stealing ideas from the Cosmos`.
For sure , working with a collaborator can be truely inspiring. Some ideas just appear from the ether, and become , without you even realising what it is you both are creating.
John Cale also used some surprising textile metaphor , at the beginning of a performance on a 1982 Later with Jules Holland.
He refers to ...`a change of texture`... and `a different tapestry`...

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