Monday, 23 November 2009

.Gravitational Waves Disturbing Entangled Pairs

Spool of thread about one foot tall.

More observartions of line and fluidity.
The local footie pitch in Abergwilli flooded out. Eight feet by twenty four feet is the official size of the football goal. Covered in a material that obviously, judgeing by the state of the pitch , cannot contain its liquid content. Water polo? Too cold to swim.
The other photos are of work in progress on the `Invisible Cover/ Quilt/ Blanket`. I haven`t decided on a title yet. Inspired by sciences discovery of the meta-material, made of nano fibres that can bend the path of photons, rendering solid matter in its path invisible.
So far, I read they can only opperate on one frequency of electromagnetism at a time. (One colour). But its the beginning of something scientificly significant. Hopefully, so will the crochet! But the nylon overlocking thread the piece is made from is so fine, I am using a no. 4 hook, but it is taking its time to grow. More pictures on Flickr.
I am working in a traditional blanket pattern, three trebles in a two chain gap. I lost the end of the row quite early on, so continued in a spiral. This has given it an undulating surface with fluid qualities and an etherial and airy quality.
Crochet on.

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