Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Visible Condition

Soon to be the man.

Mind my Nails

Tiffany Oben is the only person I know who spent an hour on the empty plinth in Trafalgar square in London. As part of the Anthony Gormley project` One and Other`, Tiff, went up as a woman and came down a man. An Initiation right in a London stylee. A Cold and exposeive way of investigating the subjectivity of the outward apperance of gender.
Not having anything to do with the human condition running through in my head most of the time, it took a bit of explanation and disscussion to understand what was going on and why. I`m still not one hundred per cent. But I admire her intellegence and her courage in taking a BA on, as well as being a mother to three and coping admirably with her, er... unique partner(!)
Round at Laura, (her sister in laws) home in the woods , we helped out with another part of her brief. To find volunteers and ask them to suggest to gender opposites, from which she can transform from one to the other. The volounteer had to dress and undress Tiff without assistance or objection from the model. Lauras genius challenged Tiff with two` towny chavs `.
The evening was chav-tastic fun. I`m still not convinsed by the `subjectivity of gender` thing. It is a huge topic. But the execution of this project is immaculte, original and engaging.
Tiff emerges as a perfect blank canvas for characture examination, with RADA standard acting abilities. Good luck to her with the rest of the brief. I am trying to think of a couple of lightly suspects for another event.

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