Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ascetic Observances and Infinite Points

I love the woven mathematics involved in the seat of this peacock chair. Exactly the same principle of the spirograph toy I love to use in diagramatical drawings. A definition of the infinite , is to examine any point on a parabolic curve (made from straight lines), and find that there is no curve, only a sucssesion of straight lines that decrease in length. The same principle as the` how long is a piece of string `conundrum.
Infinite seating.
I Heard a programme on the radio, about Pythagoras this week. Now , there was a thinker . Or was there? There is no definite proof he ever existed. Supposedly born around 570 B.C., he left no mark or written word. But, his attributed teachings influenced Plato to such an extent as to be the foundation of all Western philosophy.
Famous for his geometric genius and for his teachings of sacred geometry I was delighted to learn about the records of a man who was a mathemetitian , scientist and mystic, but had no notion of the three being seperate. The men and women that joined the cult formed around his teachings believed that geometry , numbers, ratios, harmonics and proportions were the same thing as music, light and cosmology. That religion and science are inseperable.
He was perhaps, the first philosopher to associate music with mathematics, as he taught of the transference of musical notes into mathematical equation, and through the ` harmony of the spheres`, showed how the universe produces a symphony.
Now, I realise where Holst got his inspiration from.
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