Sunday, 20 December 2009

Solstice ,The Moon and a Dog.

Meg, alias Cheesely

From the front of the CD

In my workroom studio

All wrapped up.

I have been really busy and happy recently. The tree is surrounded in presents, waiting for the big event. I love Christmas, any excuse for a party. I have no belief in any organised religion, trying not to think of life in concepts of right or wrong. It is something I try to express in my work, an expansive evenness. Ultimately expressed as an isotropic universe.
Although, most unlike the privileged and subordanate thinking of Platonic philosophy that has informed so much of our Western thinking.
But any festival that lights up the long cold Welsh /British winter has got to be celebated long and hard.
It is also the time of the winter solstice. A celebration of the longest night of the year. After Chanuka and before Christmas. This year for solsitce my dear friends Helen and Pete have given me an amazing C.D. by a composer called `Moondog`. I have only heard one other C.D of his work and am impressed. A unique and complicated characture, who wrote amoungst many other works, a nine hour piece called `Cosmos`. Scored for one thousand musicians and singers, it has yet to be heard. Sounds like a fabulous idea, a work of infinite genius. Any one out there need something to do? Imagine the vastness and the volume.
The stunning Lab crossed retriever in the top picture, is Meg. (Who is knick- named Cheesely because she shows all her teeth in a huge cheesey grin when she see you.) She is an old dogfriend of mine, and came to visit for the day during the week. Sadly, Cheesely is really ill. It was a lovely day, but, even though we will have to say goodbye to her, shes doing really well at the moment. Even managed to chase a cat.
Dog love, Moondog ,dog friends.
Happy festive season to you all .

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