Friday, 4 December 2009

Lucky Number Thirteen.

I have mentioned that I am member number thirteen of Fibre Art Wales. They are a most pro-active and energetic bunch of creative lovelies. The newest show I am involved with is``Fibre Voices`, at the Ceredigion musuem, Aberystwyth (thats Aber- ist- with, with as in pith).

I like being in a group. I am quite gregarious, communication and participation are research for my practice. It`s all about interconnection.The standard of work from the other members is fantastic and inspirational.

I am truely `made up` to be accepted as this years new recrute. ` Made up`, more London slang? You can take the girl out of London, But you can`t take London out of the girl. I have just been down to the Big Smoke for a family visit as well. Pictures, as usual on Flickr. A visit to see my nephews always injects colour and energy into my life.

Back to the show at the museum. It is beautifully hung with an escalating narrative in the relationship between each piece. The room is light, even on a rainy December afternoon, and friendly. I arrived a little late for the talk on December 4th, but was just in time to be able to talk about my own piece.

Being a new member,this was a great opportunity to look at some of the other members practices. I had to borrow Jakes camera to take some pictures, as I forgot mine. I will post the rest of the photos on Flickr when I retreive them.

Thanks to all concerned, especially Alison, for all her hard work.

While speaking about`The fabric of the Universe`, I refered to the Issac Newton quote ` ... standing on the shoulders of giants...` applying it to the history of textile. From the discovery of natural fibres for binding, the industrial and creative history of the human use of textile is dramatic and magical, steeped in legend, suffering and achievement.
Germaine Greer recently reffered to aspects of decorative textile as `heroic pointlessness...`in an article from the guardian newspaper. Stupid Moo. Creativity is not about what appears to be superficial, or on the surface, physically or mentally. Its a spiritual journey, which is a complicated pattern of deconstruction and assembly. But, I expect she knows that , Greer always tries to be a bit contraversial.

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