Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Uncommon Experiments in Communication

Inspired by a workshop at the Oriel Myrddin gallery a couple of weeks ago, I have been drawing in home made sketch books. These are photos of two of the results. There are some photographs of details on Flickr.

I attended another workshop at the gallery on Saturday. This was a whole different kettle of fish. It was a short story writing exercise, and a very new creative discipline for me.

I enjoy words. It is an essential part of my practice to play with vocabulary. The language of science is an inspiation to me . But finding your own language from another source of inspiration was a real challenge.

The workshop was led by writer Dan Anthony, who adapted a very popular teen series on the television called `Tracey Beaker `. His love of books and the language in them was infectious, and I enjoyed the pasages he read to us.It was fun to analyise the impressions the exerts made, we were encouraged to give our own critique.
I struggled with composing my own story. I felt more exposed by my own ideas, than in any other creative media I have tried. It was even more complicated than painting! I was a little surprised at the result of my writing, and a little embarassed. It was extremely interesting to be so far out of my own comfort zone. Having said that it was a most enjoyable day, and we celebrated our fiction debuts with mince pies and mulled wine in the gallery shop afterwards. But, it took me ages to be able to speak again. How strange.

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  1. I find words very intimidating as well. Not that I don't use them but that I often use the wrong one at the wrong time....or I say a negative like "don't" when I meant a positive "do". Something Freudian in that I suppose.

    I like your books. Was it hard to get them to fold like that?
    Do you have a link to your flicker page?

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about Kseniya Simonova sand art.