Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Magritte, or is it?

Hey, lookie here, its Magritte, the Belgian surrealist! Or is it?
No reflection ? I don`t recall Magritte ever being accused of Vampirism. What could be the cause ?Perhaps he was travelling at the speed of light towards a mirror.
`c` is the speed of light, the maximum speed at which information can be transmitted. Humans receive information as effect, according to the laws of causality, dictated by linear time.
At the speed of light information would be sent and received at the same time, eradicating the causal relationship between the mirrors reflection and its reception. No need for blood sucking then.
Light travels along the curve of space time. The faster light travels the lesser the curve, until at `c`
there is no distance between its emission and reception. No information to reflect. Hypothetical, I think, because nothing can travel at the speed of light . But invisible all the same.

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