Thursday, 11 March 2010

Darker Dimensions

Here is a link to` Bird In The House` blog, that's her above, my good friend Kathryn Campbell.

She is a special talent with a vision that magically transcends cultural boundaries , using a lightness of touch over an uneasy darkness in spirit. Her work is loaded with symbolism referencing her own domestic past, tangled with many world religions and belief systems. Kathryn's work silently emits her own banshee howl. Its wonderful stuff of secrets and spells.
We went to the opening of her show in a lovely retro shop come exhibition space called `Milkwood Gallery`, in the Roath area of Cardiff. Of course, I forgot my camera, so this one picture was taken on Kath's own camera. There are more pictures on Kathryn's own blog. Just follow the link above.
While we were there , I was given the T.Rex album by one of the gallery owners. What a top generous present. Many thanks ! Marc Bolan was the singer and front man of T.Rex, he was a first pop idol love. I lived a mile down the road , in London ,from the tree where he was killed in 1977. I still visit the place every time I`m in London . It`s an official memorial site now, filled with tributes and fan paraphernalia.

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