Saturday, 27 March 2010

Perspective Halts Infinity

Deep new joy

This is a picture of french writer and philosopher (and of course obsesser, if there is such a word),
Geogre Perec. I am reading with mixed emotions, `Species of Spaces and other Pieces`. The book is full of lists , observations and comment. His style is unique, his attitude is expansive, in the most compact of instances. Most of it written with humour and delight in the every day. But as with all brilliance, there is a tinge of pathos and maudlin in the lonely, insular and obsessive. An intangible coldness seems to pervade his french magnanimity. A symptom of a tragic childhood, his writing is beautiful, but where is his joy?
`Since 1984, small planet no.2817 (1982UJ) has borne the name of George Perec`.
Above the picture of George Perec, is my new joy. My dear friend Bunwen ( really Sarah), bought me a very early birthday present, a glockenspiel. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember.
I am already quite adept at `plink- a -plonk meditative` style, which I find calming, but I`m not sure if thats a universal effect, and have got the vocal intro. to Gary Numans `Cars` off pat , even using 2 beaters. Need some sheet music now and I can begin rehearsing.

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