Sunday, 14 March 2010

Salvation and Visibility

Out and about in the West Wales countryside for a change. This time for a meeting at New Mill, Drefelin. I showed `Iota Island` at an exhibition at the mill , called `Rhod` last year. Dave Shepherd - (Image Salvage and Reclamation), was one of the other featured artists at the show. He too has revisited the mill, in fact it seems he never left! His installation has been there ever since, moved around in various forms, a bit like a conceptual squatter. I took some time to study the re-installed piece.

I found the immediacy of the piece quite striking. The new proximity of the materials animated the individuality of each `bin` and gave it all a sense of unity and purpose. The arrangement had elements of domesticity and urbanity, with a pensive, tense feeling.

Thinking- in relation to a piece I will be showing there later this year, it seemed definate and so visible.
Nature it seems, is the popular name
For milliards and milliards and milliards
Of particles playing their infinite game
Of billiards and billiards and billiards.
Piet Hein (1966)


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  2. I hope you aren't offended by this...but when I saw the pictures I thought that you had come across something in the deep south, USA. Here we have game cocks that they fight, illegally, and they are housed in containers that are very similar to the ones shown here. They are small and individual like these. Although they are more rectangle, still it is what first came to mine.

    As art I really like the first picture how the holes let in selective light. Seems like that is what my brain was doing when it saw these photos it was trying to make sense of the selective information that it had and what it was seeing.

    Really like your blog.

  3. No offence. Art is evocative and Dave Shepherds arrangement has dark undertones.

    No good will ever come to people who abuse living things.

    Thank you so much to every one that follows the blog. It means loads to me.

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