Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Inevitable Escallating to an Unknown Point.

Topological Chair

Crochet Chaos

Crochet Graffitti

Spring equinox brought about some sad changes in my life. I feel uninspired by them, really not very spring like at all . But the weather does not help, there you are then- as they say in Wales.
I have long ogled the crochet Lorenz Manifold , made by Hinke Osinge, that is well documented on the Internet.
Lorenz, the mathematician that the piece is named after was the originator of Chaos Theory, and the Butterfly Effect.
Chaos theory is interesting. Nothing to do with a state of perpetual uncontrolled disorganisation. `They` have, as always, the obligatory equations to describe the instigation of ever expanding systems, (visually expressed as fractals), that describe chaotic states. But have no way of predicting accurately the exact outcome of the movement, how it began, or where it will end. There is no complete control or prediction of a chaotic state.
The weather was Lorenz special scientific area. He used chaos theory to describe weather systems , and applied them with some success to the arcane art of weather prediction. As a result we know what the weather is supposed to do. Or at least a probable outcome as a result of certain situations.
It made me think of the earth quake that `Quilt Architect` felt on the little island King Salmon. That earth quake, butterfly effect-ed off to Haiti a couple of weeks later, and showed us all just how chaotic weather systems can be. I wonder who flapped their crochet.


  1. I had to look up the dates of the earthquake to be sure. We had 6 mag. on the 9th of January and Hatti had 7.0 M. It is interesting that when we have an earthquake they will tell you when the P waves will arrive in say England.


    Every time you discuss fractils I learn something. I didn't know that the study of this was related to the study of weather. That is very interesting. I suppose they try to use this to study other things like earthquakes, but it is hard to predict.

    One cool thing in Japan they did predict a major earthquake a few seconds before it happened, which gave people time to take cover.

    I enjoyed reading this post.

    I hope that you get feeling better. I would love to visit you in your garret. I have never lived in a garret before and I think it would be very romantic.

    Have a cuppa tea!
    I will make a pot myself and think about you.
    Have a great day!
    Thank you for the link to my blog, how kind.

  2. here is a fractal of feathers and bones.

    at least I think they are.

  3. I am reading something that Balzac wrote in an introduciton to Le Pere Goriot. And I believe it relates to fratals in that he was studying the MANNERS of people. He equates it to studying and classifying animals...but it is more complex.
    Here is a quote that I think relates.

    "And not man alone, but the principal events of life, fall into classes by types. There are situations which occur in every life, typical phases, and this is one of the details I most sought after. I have tried to give an idea of the different districts of our fine country. My work has its geography, as it has its genealogy and its families, its places and things, its persons and their deeds; as it has its heraldry, its nobles and commonalty, its artisans and peasants, its politicians and dandies, its army—in short, a whole world of its own. " - Balzac

    I see fractals is a study of a world cosmos...a world within a world. And so is all of history.

    Don't you think so?